My name is Cristina Monjo and I am an official tour guide of Barcelona and Catalonia authorized by the Catalan government with more than ten years of experience and a mad passion of my job.


I studied tourism in 2000 and I prepared the exams of official tour guide in 2008-2009 with the best schools of Spain, Institut Llúria and Barcelona Guide Bureau. During my career I attended many courses, conferences and workshops from different organisms, schools and museums and I am constantly studying to expand my knowledge and to keep-me up to date. My mother tongues are Spanish and Catalan and I also speak English and Italian. 


Why to contract an official tour guide?

The official tour guide is completely authorized to explain the exterior as well as the interior of any monument. In addition, it is able to avoid lines in most of the places and to manage priority tickets.


Furthermore, their knowledge have been certified by experts of the tourism department of its region provided that he/she has taken several exams which his/her knowledge and skills about art, history, culture, geography, gastronomy, traditions, languages, literature, monuments, museums... had been assessed. Other points such as speech, ease and professional skills of the guide are evaluated.


Be sure that your guide has got the certificate by the appropriate competent authority and only contract official guides!