The most impressive church you have ever seen!


Duration: 1,30h

Transport: Not needed

Price: 200€ per group + tickets


Book this private tour to Sagrada Familia and enjoy the visit to this amazing building with me. I am going to show you all the details and secrets of my favorite building in the whole world.

The tour consist in a visit of the exterior, interior and the museum and there is the possibility to go up the towers but consider the 504 steps!

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The jewel in the crown of Gaudí's Works, with more than 4 million visitors a year, Sagrada Familia is a synthesis of his overall conception of architecture. The richness of detail and its significance need to be explain in order to appreciate this fascinating and extraordinary building in full. The construction of Sagrada Familia started in 1882, still under construction has more than four million visitors a year, being the second most visited monument in Spain.


Why the construction of Sagrada Familia is taking so long?

Because, as Gaudí wanted, Sagrada Familia is build only with donations. 

At the beginning, the donations came only from the neighbors, but now a days, from all around the world because every ticket sold is a donation to the construction of the temple.


What does "Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia" means?

This is the full name of the church. "Expiatori" (expiatory in english) regards to the fact that after your donation, you will have your sins forgiven.